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What can I say? I am an avid West Coast Swing dancer from the Phoenix metropolitan area. Although I’ve been dancing since I was a child, I only started dancing West Coast Swing in 2003. Around that time, I found a local West Coast Swing dance club full of great, friendly people. I became a regular volunteer at that club offering my service as a DJ, techie, and laborer. Lately, I’ve been going to Desert City Swing’s Sunday night West Coast Swing dance.I also own a DJ company. I provide services mostly for weddings, private parties, and corporate events. I occasionally DJ at west coast swing dances and have played at a couple of national events. I regularly discover new swingable music as I keep my music collection up to date for my normal DJ services.

My plan for this site is make it easy for everyone interested in WCS music to keep their libraries updated with new music and find older west coast swing music that matches well with the contemporary style of west coast swing.

Feel free to leave comments about anything on any page of the site.

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Joseph Ivy, DJ/MC
Joseph at wcsdj.com

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